Concrete Forms and Formwork

The WTF formwork system is unique because it forms all of the concrete in the structure including, walls, floor slabs, columns, beams, stairs, window details, balconies and various decorative features in exact accordance with the architect’s design. No other system can match WTF formwork flexibility to handle all design conditions. The WTF system also allows for the most efficient and cost effective insulation for areas of the world where it is required for extreme temperature conditions.

System’s Benefits:
1. Requires no cranes or heavy lifting equipment.
2. Pour walls and floor slabs monolithically.
3. Remove floor slab formwork without disturbing shoring.
4. Form stairs in place as part of work cycle.
5. Requires no skilled labor.
6. Suitable for single story and high-rise construction.
7. Equipment adapts to different designs.
8. No need for use of timber or plywood.

The WTF formwork system has been used in the construction of hundreds of thousands of structures including residential and commercial structures in single story, low rise, and high-rise construction. It has been proven to be very successful in the construction of mass housing projects worldwide. It is fast, simple, adaptable and very cost effective.

The WTF system can be erected by unskilled labor and without the need for hoisting cranes. The largest panel weight is not more than 35 kgs (77 Lbs). This enables a single worker to handle the WTF formwork components. The panels and other sections are secured and fixed by steel pins and wedges with formwork ties. The only tool required is a hammer. The WTF system can save as much as 15% of the total cost of construction vs. traditional methods such as block or post and beam construction.


WTF Form Concrete work Systems

WTF aluminum formwork is a rapid paced construction system for forming cast in place concrete structures. WTF provides aluminum formwork for reinforced concrete construction of single and multi-story buildings and enables the walls and slab to be placed monolithically in the same operation. This increases efficiency, and also produces an extraordinarily strong structure with excellent concrete finish.

Due to the fine tolerances achieved in the aluminum formwork components, consistent concrete shapes and finishes are obtained floor after floor, building after building, conforming to the most exacting standards of quality and accuracy. This allows plumbing and electrical fittings to be prefabricated with the certain knowledge that there will be an exact fit when formwork is assembled. The dimensional accuracy of the concrete work also results in consistent fittings of doors and windows. The smooth finish of the concrete greatly reduces or eliminates the need for costly plastering.


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