Sewage treatment process

Sewage treatment process is designed to purify the sewage or waste water collected from different source like houses, industries etc. Sewage treatment plant are generally constructed by the municipal corporation of a town or city to process the sewage/waste water collected from the communities, and achieve improvement in quality of wastewater. The main benefits of sewage treatment process is that it helps to recycle the waste water which can be re-utilized and subsequently, helps to avoid mixing of wastes, residues, harmful toxic-ants to river.
This process contains number of steps which reduce different type of residues which are listed below:
Suspended solids
Biodegradable organics
Pathogenic bacteria
Nutrients including nitrates and phosphates

Waste water/sewage goes through various process in sewage treatment plant before it is reused or mixed in the river. The sewage treatment process is shown in this video through animation:

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